As young adult Catholics, we cannot be silent in the face of the evil sex abuse scandal, the heinous cover-up by prelates at every level in the Church, and the gross negligence in dealing with the criminals who have perpetrated these sins.

Our fervent prayers, letter-writing to our leaders, and constant posting on social media, are just a few of our avenues of activism.

We worship in the United States. We contribute to the betterment of our society through the sanctification of our professional work. We strive daily to work out our salvation in fear and trembling. We donate financially to our local parishes and to their dioceses. We are young parents raising children in the Catholic faith. We are single persons living out our vocations daily, trying to be God’s sign to help others to heaven with Him. We work to foster community among other Catholic young adults in our city.

We are young Catholics. This is our voice.

Our strong actions are in accord with Canon 212 and Vatican II. As the laity we have a duty to speak out.

Will you join us in contacting your priest, contacting your bishop, and not being silent until the evil is rooted out from the Catholic Church?